Diseño de PCBs

SELCAN can provide a complete service in PCB designs offering the best service at competitive prices. We take care of the full cycle; schematic capture, PCB Design… We use the industries top tier design tools: Altium designer, ORCAD, DesignSpark PCB and Eagle. Our technical staff will work with you to generate material specifications, complete documentation and prototypes


  • High density of components distributions.
  • Manufacturing designs.
  • PCB designs with analog and digital components.
  • PCB designs with SMD and through-hole components.
  • Simple and multi-layer PCB designs.

Our engineering services

  • PCB Design.
  • Schematic capture and netlisting.
  • BOM creation.
  • Component library creation.
  • Full turnkey production of finished product..
  • Professional fabrication documents created.
  • Routing for PCB designs.